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Full Version: Can't install PenumbraCollection-1.0 (Linux)
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I bought the PenumbraCollection-1.0 (Linux) from yesterday.
The md5sum :

I tried to install but it is really slow.
After hours (!!!) it was half way trough so I aborted ( I can't let it run for days ...).
I know that linux could run for days but I don't want it to do that.

I'm running Debian testing 64bit on an AMD phenom II 905e with an ATI radeon 4770 and there is about 200gb free on my home directory. Also 6gb of ram are available.
I see the installer taking one core to max 2500mhz .

Just what to do ?
How to install (faster)?

The md5sum is correct. Not sure what could be the problem, maybe the tmp folder is low on space (but it should give an error if that is the case) you could try to run it with
sh --target ~
(07-23-2009, 09:21 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]The md5sum is correct. Not sure what could be the problem, maybe the tmp folder is low on space (but it should give an error if that is the case) you could try to run it with
sh --target ~

On my root partition are 40gb free
and on my home partition 214gb.

Tried the --target option - no change.
Tried just extracting and installing from there - no change.
Tried to install with root to /usr/local/games ( i choose from selection) -- and it installes to /root/PenumbraCollection --- what ???
Same for selecting /usr/games.
And both times no change.

There seems also a bug in browse:
in snapshot1.png I tried to browse as root and went up to "/" but as you see this is not the real "/". As I type the right folders appear.
And so I can install in /usr/local/games - but it also don't change a thing.

For a user installation to ~games/PenumbraCollection:
The installation starts normal.
Files are copied fast.
But as more and more files are copied this process goes slower and slower.
It's like in a single linked-list :
you start at the beginning and for every entry you restart at the beginning. So for the first entries its fast, but it slows down because you need to jump over all previous entries.

I hope this example helps understanding.

Got yesterday through "Prey".
Now I hope this problem will be fixed fast so I can play Penumbra Big Grin

The really slow extracting happened to me too. It must have taken more than 14 hours, but I went to sleep so I'm not really sure.
I got it now installed fast with a 32bit live cd.

The shortcuts are a little wrong:
One pointed : ./overture/overture
but it should be ./overture/penumbra
(or something like that; sorry, now not on my linux-system to look it up).

Just tried playing overture and it worked for me.

For the next time I should install this it would be nice to do that without using a live-cd ...


ps: Thanks for the linux-version of this great games.
I had the same problem, solved by waiting one enteire day :p

but I can understand that not all can have my patience... ^^
That is strange.. From the screenshot it looks like the installer is using the FLTK front-end, so maybe there is a bug in fltk when THAT much text is shoved in the window. You can try running the Ncurses frontend or if you install the 32bit GTK2 you can use the gtk 2 front-end which doesn't have that issue.

To run the ncurses installer do the following.


This will cause the installer to not find an X display and run the text-mode installer.
BTW a patch is available for linux here

I'm using a new version of the installer and am including a 64bit GTK frontend (and dropping the fltk). which should help with everyone who's installing on a 64-bit system and doesn't have the 32bit gtk+ installed.

I will be re-building the main installer this weekend to use the new installer base as well.

NOTE Penumbra (the game) still requires 32bit libraries to run. Unfortunately this won't be changing as two of the libraries we user require 32bit.

Now I tried to install with "$ DISPLAY= sh"
and it run nice and fast till the end.
The upgrade run without problems with "$ sh".

I tried starting all 3 games and they worked.

Best regards