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Full Version: The Thank You Post
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I want to go to Mars 2007.
Haha, oops.
I make that typo too, it's annoying! Tongue: I also spell June like Juni. I blame Swedish!
Somehow I feel I paid too little, $10 for such wonderful games that are ported natively to linux... it's just not fair. Maybe I should have bought the seperately instead of the whole collection, not that it would make a huge difference.
Just a warning: I'm an Australian, and when I bought from GamersGate on my credit card, it was charged as "cash" (something to do with GamersGate being related to gambling) which added an extra $2.50 (AUD) and I paid $0.02 AUD interest on the "cash" sale. See my transaction history:

20 Jul 2009 CASH ADVANCE FEE - CASH S UBS      2.50      
26 Jul 2009 INTEREST CHARGES - CASH      0.02

I phoned my bank and they have reversed that extra charge and interest. But just saying: be careful with using GamersGate!

I love supporting quality indie titles: mount&blade, AI War are others. I also bought the penumbra pack earlier from steam and gave it to a friend of mine who played and enjoyed it.

Best of luck with getting your next title out there, I will definately be here to check it out when you do!

// SM
Thanks for letting us know some statistics, do turn it into a blog post though. Furthermore, please add the penumbra series to the page. Add some other games (Clive Barker's games, Nosferatu: Wrath of the Malachi, etc.) so that your edit is not biased toward one series. Simple addition like "The legacy of PC survival horror games continues with... " would be enough.

As you perhaps noticed, what you now need the most for your game to sell is publicity. Take a few days and go through world's gamer forums to search for "survival horror" and add short penumbra praise everywhere too.
I would like to add my name to the line of thank yous. What a great game, and this has provided an opportunity to once again prove that Linux users are not "freetards" but people who really don't mind paying for a game that is ported to Linux.

Thanks Again!
I do want to say that I do not like the way you presented this news item. You made it sound like you were disbanding. Which I do not really appreciate especially in light of Nucleosys' recent closure. Still at least your still making Lux Tebebras!
Thank you for making great games!

But yeah, I was a bit worried at first when I read the news post - I thought it was gonna be bad news...
Maybe the whole idea was about the feeling of disband. Tongue:
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