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Full Version: The Thank You Post
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The year began well... then we found ourselves in a pickle, things didn't look good, the future looked brighter but then this weekend came...
I was just waiting for you guys to say "Thank you, but this is goodbye" and a PayPal donation button or something labeled "we need food, please!".

(07-23-2009, 11:51 PM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]I want to go to Mars 2007.

Haha, didn't even notice.
Hey guys!

I just want to say "thank you" for an excellent game series. I also like to read that all things are getting better after the weekend deal. :-)

Best regards from Mexico!

Hope the best for you all! :-)
To be completely honest, I for one thank you guys instead, for making such an amazing and immersive series that was more than worth the money that I paid for it. I've even convinced a few friends to buy these games, and they love them as well. So yes, you guys are the ones that deserves to be thanked. Smile


Yeah, I found it strange they are thanking us.

I think they deserve our big thanks. :p
Aww Shucks Frictional Big Grin: I'm really happy to have played these games as my first FPS, Gave me a high standard in storyline and gaming that i live by Tongue:
Please, do keep up the excellent work. (And i'm glad i paid full price for your games, all the profits to a good cause Smile:

And No Disbanding!
Likewise.. Im very impressed with the Penumbra series and am constantly checking the forums for news of Unknown (keep up the good work guys)

For the statistical record.. Im a windows games player.. so I bought all 3 in one hit for windows, and I avoided Steam as I dont like the limitations it imposes.. so I paid more to avoid Steam.

Having said that.. I found Penumbra from Portal > HL2 > HL1 > what next!?!

Now Im passing time in the Thief series, tweaking Stalker and contemplating Splinter cell while waiting for Unknown.

The Penumbra serie is indeed just AWESOME!! I played it again and again, and i still love it!! Many thanks to Frictional Games team. I'll look forward for the unknown. I had great moments with Penumbra serie. Keep up the good work!!

I also paid full price for your games

Best regards from finland.
Why, thank you indeed! I feel the need to add my voice to the list of Linux users who are grateful for bringing us such a wonderful game. I haven't had the time to play a game for almost 3 years now, but felt the need to support a small company who bothered to acknowledge other platforms. And believe me, I'm glad I did! I feel bad for paying so little for so much.

It's good to hear about your plans for the future; I think at this point it can only get better. I definitely look forward to your next title, and I hope you'll make it cross-platform as well.
It's a disgrace that the guys that made some of the best games of the decade in overture and BP have to struggle to even go on doing their jobs. Meanwhile shitty mainstream games with zero originality are making millions for the corporate fatcats. :angry:

I humbly thank frictional games for standing on the crumbling frontier of quality pc gaming. Keep up the good work and give it your all for Unknown!
Yes, make Unknown even better and scarier than Penumbra!
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