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Full Version: The Thank You Post
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I want to say thanks for not only having such fun games, but also making it possible for someone on basically any system to use it.
Most have Windows, some may have Linux or an iMac. I have Mandriva Linux and it's nice to have a game as good as this be available for those who have a system other than Windows.
So, thanks for that and the great games!
I would like to express my thanks for you guys kicking some ass. I own the Penumbra collection and Amnesia. I have not yet gotten to far into the games since I just got them during the steam sales.

So far what I have played has been really good. I wanted to say thank you for this comment.

"With these figures at hand, we must confess that it gives us new confidence for the PC. The sales that we have had (and are having) are more than enough to motivate developing a game with the PC as the main (and even only) platform. Based on what we have seen, the online PC market is just getting bigger and bigger, and we are convinced we are far from the end of this growth. We think that other developers that consider making their game exclusive to a console might want to think again."

I am glad that you guys are staying Dedicated to PC users. We are constantly getting shafted by Devs. I cant stand Consoles Underpowered Junk with High priced games. So again I am saying thanks for staying true to us & true to yourself & please once you get even bigger if you go Multi Platform in the future do what Crytek has Done. Their Engine Develops on the PC but In realtime updates on the PS3/360. Im sick of half ass console ports.

Thanks again from Myself & the rest @ [H]ardOCP Forums
Okay, I've just registered to this forum to give you guys at Frictional Games a big thanks for Amnesia, which was a very nice little game to play. Smile

I am writing my thesis partially on HP Lovecraft, you can be sure I will mention you and your games along the works that have been inspired by Lovecraft!

Amnesia was also one of my very first "let's play" that I recorded, I hope you don't mind if I could post it somewhere on the forum, as some kind of "walkthrough".

I wonder what will happen next now. You're financially stable now, with no worries ahead of you. You talked about being able to take risks with your next game, I am curious what it might be. Are you going to enlarge a little bit your team by hiring new people, or will you stay "five and only five"? In any case I hope for the best! Wink
I want to post a huge "verybigthanks" message, but I have no words to describe it. Simply thanks for this game. I also enjoyed penumbra series - it was a good start. Keep on creating such a good stuff guys! Thanks! And we keep buying your nice games!
Another person here who registered in order to be able to express appreciation for the game. This is one of those rare gems in gaming that has me buying extra copies for friends just because I think it's a shame for them not to experience it.

I was very happy to see the awards that Amnesia has won. Things are looking good for the small developer/indie market. I am very curious though. While I understand that for whatever reason Frictional may not be able to divulge sales figures, how would frictional describe subsequent promotional efforts and awards in terms of success? Would you say post initial release sales have been better than expected?
Just had posted some words about FG in russian forum, of course with link to your blog. I like your games, so I just tought it would be nice to make some free PR for you. Smile
Guys, IF you need help with 3D Art let me know.
I adore you guys. You rock my world. Penumbra was a great series but hands down: Amnesia the Dark Descent is the scariest game I have ever played, and the first time I have actually sweated in fear playing a game. Can't wait for the next one... such a shame you haven't got the Dead Space franchise to play with, I can only imagine how terrifying that would be!
I'd like to join the others who have already done this and say BIG thanks for making your wonderful games cross-platform, so I can enjoy them on my Linux-based system. Hope that you will continue to make your products available for all major PC platforms, not just Windows.
Keep up the good work, guys!
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