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Full Version: Will penumbra requiem be released on spanish subtitles?
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Hi, in spain we are a lot of fans of penumbra universe

why requiem does not have spanish subtittles?

will recive spanish subs this expansion?

According to the Friendware site, the boxed release sold in Spain actually has spanish subtitles. If you purchased a copy via digital download, you can find an unofficial translation by Clan DLan here.
No official translations other than Friendware's are available, so you can give the unofficial one a try.
Hope this helps Smile

Según la página de Friendware el juego en formato físico publicado en España está traducido. Si compraste el juego como descarga digital, puedes encontrar una traducción no oficial hecha por la comunidad de Clan DLan aquí.
No hay traducciones oficiales aparte de la distribuida por Friendware, así que puedes probar la no oficial.
Espero ser de ayuda Smile
thanks i will check it

you are spanish?

i didn't know that a spanish guy was one of the original penumbra programmers
Well, now you know Smile

(09-15-2009, 07:57 PM)Luis Wrote: [ -> ]Well, now you know Smile


I thought you translated using Google or something : O
The name "Luis" kind of gave it away for me. Normally people named Luis are at least of Spanish origin. At least, I've never heard of anyone named Luis who wasn't.