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Full Version: Story behind Requiem
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So a few weeks ago I finally had time to sit down and play Requiem. (Funny - you should have more free time in the summer, right?).

Anyways, I didn´t know what to expect. I knew that there was going to focused on physics puzzles (which I enjoy to great degree). But I had also gotten the impression that many here didn´t like it...

But I did enjoy Requiem a lot. I was a bit disappointed though, I had wanted to know a little more about the story than we did... I did really like the puzzles though, even though some of the jumping puzzles were frustrating in a bad way. The key collecting and the base annoncer woman breaking the 4th wall did not bother me.

But now I´ll get to the point of this thread. When I played Requiem, I assumed that all of it was just Philip's dreams (hallucinations really) as he is descending into his own mad, little mind while his body is withering away from dehydration...

But is that really what is happening? I have been thinking about this and come to a different conclusion. Have any of you played System Shock 2? Remember that early in the game, there is a cut-scene, where the villain tries to persuade you to join him. This cut-scene ends with the villain threatening the player: "...we will rend you apart and put you separate."

What if the Tuurngait works the same way? What if the Tuurngait hive mind is compartmentalized and has a special quarantined place for those infected who cannot quite let go of their individuality? So basically Philip's mind is trapped with the other almost-infected minds somewhere inside the Tuurngait hivemind, but separate from the infected who joined the Tuurngait...

Am I making any sense? Do I have something here or am I just over-analyzing? Big Grin:
I guess Requiem could be some sort of crazy dream-ish thing, but I haven't played it in a long while so I can't exactly remember what happens in it. Pretty fun but I did expect more story.
Well, yeah.

Another thing I was wondering about is whether some of the levels were something they had wanted to put in either Overture or Black Plague, but didn´t in order to keep the size down.
No, I'm pretty sure that they are not. The outside radio-dish place felt like something that very well could had been in one of the games (alternate escape ending?) but I think that mapping didn't begin until they had a fairly certain idea of what they would have in the game and didn't have any excess maps after the were done with Black Plague. So I think Requiems mapping is done from scratch, especially since a few of the maps are pretty weird.
Yeah, I thought so too about the radio-dish place. And I thought so about the sewers as well - perhaps the sewer part of Black Plague was planned to be longer originally?.

And then there´s the tomb that we only saw a picture of in Black Plague.

But yeah, all the mapping was probably made from scratch as you say.