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Full Version: I'm planning to buy an ATI 4850
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how Penumbra games behave with this graphic card? and with ati 4770? Should be the same...
There was some problems with ATI's HD cards and Windows...
Though patch repairded it. So, if they're going to make a patch for Linux version with the same problem so it should work.

That's my point of view though... (I don't use Linux!)


I've got a Radeon 4850, and right now the game works so long as you don't run it in fullscreen mode. If you do, then textures keep disappearing. I believe Urkle is writing a patch to fix this now, though. Smile
Yes, I am applying all of the fixes that were applied to the windows release to the Linux and Mac releases. I expect to have the initial testing version of the patch out tomorrow for linux