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Full Version: Regarding Recent Spam Attack
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As many of you noticed, we had a huge problem with a spam over the past few weeks. Despite of all moderators and admins constantly removing them, they were still popping up.

Worst time probably was with plutomaniac:

Spoiler below!
[Image: uny35G.png]
[Image: pKhEAD.png]

Some of you even said that we don't do anything, but this is not true. We have worked hard to keep the forums as clean as possible. Moderator team discussed with Jens and CAPTCHA has finally been updated (hopefully) to a working one.

We will keep on monitoring and see if the current protection is enough.
Thank you for your patience!
Cheers moderating team! I'll continue to report any if I see any.

Keep up the great work! ^^
Damn, didn't know it was this bad!
Nice work, you guys! Yes I noticed it was bad at times, but I never saw that many at once. Just goes to show that they are actually being removed quick enough for most to not notice.
Awesome to hear! Big Grin It has been getting super terrible, but I noticed it lightening up a bit recently.