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Full Version: A problem with the Amnesia Dark Room Custom Story?!
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I have Amnesia The Dark Descent with the Justine Expansion as depicted in the attached file. I went to go and play it and I noticed that not only a lot of the stuff was missing i.e. the forever alone face in one of the cells, as well as a few others which I can't remember, but I also can't progress in it because the lightbox and projector are missing. Is there something I'm doing wrong?! Huh[/size]

P.S. [size=xx-large] So no one says "OH YOU NEED JUSTINE TO PLAY IT"! Please look at attached file.[attachment=5064]
If the lightbox projector is missing, then clearly though you may have Justine, you don't have the assets. Perhaps you have installed either Justine incorrectly or the Dark Room incorrectly.