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Full Version: Penumbra Retail vs Steam
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I have purchased the Steam version of Penumbra Collector's Pack on June 5th, 2009 during the $5 weekend sale. Best buy has the same collector's pack for $10. Is it worth also buying the retail CD version? Is there any difference between the Steam version and the retail version?
Not really any difference, the CD version comes as one installer instead of three. But you don't really notice the three installers on Steam, so would say Steam is even better.
I´m a bit old-fashioned and prefer having a jewel case, a DVD and a paper manual. But to each their own...
Not sure if this needs its own thread ... but:

Is the Steam version Falcon-compatible?

I got Overture with the Falcon and absolutely loved it.
To be honest, actually I hated it and was scared out of my wits.
It should have a warning not to ever play it alone, with the lights out and at night. Like, not ever ever ever. It's just a bad idea :-D

That said, it was awesome and I just had to get the next part ...
And being an avid steam fan I thought I'd buy and download it via the Steam store.

Then I realised that there is seemingly a "HaptX edition" that may well not actually be the version on Steam ...

So are they actually any different? Am I going to have to get the HaptX version if I want to use the Novint Falcon for it?
('Cause that's no small part of what I liked about it ... not that the game isn't awesome in its own right, but it seems made for the Falcon and I don't have many other games that fit it so well)

EDIT: Hmm, well after looking around I realise I should investigate stuff more closely before buying things :-)
Guess I'll just have to buy the Falcon version from the Novint shop.

Still, Novint, Frictional and Steam all seem to deserve all the purchases they get 'cause all of yous guys rock at what you're doing.

Guess I'll just have to own both versions.

If I were cheap I'd probably complain at this point but as I just said - yous guys deserve every purchase, so I'll just do that.

EDIT2: On reflection, could yous guys possibly ask Valve to put a note on the Steam version download advising this to be the case?
I've seen a number of posts to this effect now (after browsing around the Steam forums) and it seems a little, well harsh to not explicitly tell people they'll have to then go off and get the version they actually wanted.

I played with a mouse for about 10 minutes and whilst it's not really any less scary, it's just ... well, lame in comparison.