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Full Version: Don't mean to make light of a real person's death...
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... But the first thing that came to my mind after reading this was "More pig! More pig!"
NBC News Wrote:The man accused of killing "American Sniper" Chris Kyle and another man believed his two victims were plotting to kill him as part of a world takeover by "hybrid pigs" a psychiatrist testified on Thursday.

ABC News Wrote:Routh said he thought his co-workers and ex-girlfriend Jen Weed were "pig hybrids" -- half man and half pig -- Dunn recalled, adding that Routh also described Kyle and Littlefield as "pig assassins."

Shit, the guy must have played AMFP or at least read about it!

Or maybe... (extremely far-fetched, tabloidish theory ahead)

Spoiler below!
Dan Pinchbeck somehow knows or knew this guy at some point, and wrote the story of AMFP based on his idea!
Spoiler below!
Joking, of course.
American Sniper: A Machine for Pigs