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Full Version: The release of Penumbra Soundtrack postponed to Q4
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The release of Penumbra soundtrack album will be postponed to Q4! The soundtrack is still in the middle of production and won't be quite ready Q3 2009 where its release was first scheduled for.

The summer has been too hectic time for me, so releasing the album Q3 looks impossible at the moment. Postponing the release gives me more opportunities to improve the album. Although the last part of the game has been released a year ago, the album is still worth awaiting. It will be dark, and it will take you back to The Shelter.

You are still invited to have your say in our (quiet) forums. What kind of tracks should we include into it, should it be more ambient, themes or both? Opinions are welcomed!
The Sound of Fiction - Forums

More info:
Penumbra Soundtrack - Official site
The Sound of Fiction
Cool! When the soundtrack is out I´ll both order it and the AIKA thingie from you.

As for the content, I´d say have more ambient music, but keep a few themes in it. I suggest the opening theme of Overture as track 1... and have a closing theme/endgame music as the last track too. And maybe have another theme in the middle of the album.
Isn't all music included in the game files? Or am I thinking of that zombie-child game, Undeath or whatever? I remember listnening to the soundtrack at some point, I think.
The files are in the game folder, but I suspect this of being a more coherent arrangement of them. I'll be buying it.
Unbirth Ked'. And yeah, i'll be having a look at them too.
Wow, that would be very nice to have them!
I like Penumbra's sounds' gloomy atmopshere.
Thanks for the feedback! I got plenty of alternative theme versions, but I think I'll be using only couple of them. Menu themes from each game are also in the list, improved soundwise. I am going to put lots of ambient music into it as it makes the album sound more dark which is my intention.
I would very much like to hear all the Themes in all of the games on the official soundtrack. Include some ambience as well, but themes should come first. They're far too great not to include Smile