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Full Version: Penumbra Overture Crash
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(03-13-2015, 08:33 AM)Straxedix Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm in .lang everything seems fine but .map file is maybe wrong NAME_item.ent is wrong so in .map file on that letter there shall be something like note_item.ent or something... i can't fix it 'cause i don't work with Penumbra but problem is obvious... Someone maybe can fix this bro :/

EDIT:Fix that spoiler Big Grin
The lang file isn't completed yet. Maybe I should upload it somewhere. Frictional games not allow me to upload this file.Big Grin
In which language do you play? I also have the retail CD of Penumbra Overture. It is fully german synchronized and working fine. Just need update 1.1.
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