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Full Version: What is with the exploding ketchup in Requiem?!
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Yea, you know what I mean. There's that dispenser thing, you have to use the explosive ketchup to hit a lever to take you up on a large red container, but I still don't know why the hell it's ketchup bottles...
Grenade ketchup bottles from the World War.
I think they're made of glass or something, which is why they break to easily. Usually are plastic in real life though, but they're probably pretty old.
Maybe the ketchup is extra spicy?

Anyways, ketchup in glass bottles often taste better than in plastic bottles.
I have never heard of ketchup grenades...
You need to get out more then.
[Image: 41156_1_468.jpeg]
Yeeaaah Cool
Too much chili, maybe?
The ones in requiem were the glass kind, and no bombs attached that I could see. Could someone tell me (if you're not all joking) what the intention behind using ketchup bottles is?
I bet it's probably something to do with the danger of a Tuurngait hearing a breaking bottle of ketchup. Because, you know, they'd hear it and track it down and fuck you up. So, naturally, even though ketchup was never actually present near a zombie, Phillip envisions danger and therefore the bottles are explosive in his mind.
Ketchup is dangerous, enough said.
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