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Full Version: What is it called in human Psychology...
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...when a person feels that they don't get acceptance or notice by those around them, and turn to do the complete opposite of what the same people are expecting?

I would like to know what it is called.
Reverse psychology?
Is it? For example, if child doesn't get the attention and acceptance of their parents they will do anything, (most likely something what their parents hate) to get the attention they need/or that belongs to them, despite it being negative. Same repeats with other people, say friends.

If you don't get accepted, respected and notified by other people when needed, you will turn into a person that gets the attention; no matter what.

EDIT: Typical internet troll would fall under this label. They get no acceptance, attention and respect in real life. That escalates into a hateful person who pokes everywhere to get people to comment back = he is getting attention what he needed in real life.
Someone with Borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder(?)
Those are both disorders, but to put attention seeking simple, one could be "attention whore", if we go more into vulgar terms.
It's just a social mechanism used for getting attention.

There's no real word for it, it just is. (as far as I know).
Resentful, jaundiced, sulky, sorehead. No?