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Full Version: What the Heck's wrong with Requiem?
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I don't really understand why everyone have something against Requiem. Yes, it wasn't as scary as the first two games. Yes, there really wasn't that much storyline. But I was happy to solve some puzzles that I hoped to be more in the first two Penumbra games. (Though, it was pretty over shooting with some puzzles, since it became to be some sort of an "future" adventure-puzzle-game...)
The problem with Requiem is that it's different from the other two. It doesn't meet the expectations, which is (in a way) worse than actually being a bad game.
I didn't like Requiem either. It wasn't bad, but it didn't feel like Penumbra at all. I've beaten it once and have no plans to ever do so again. It just seemed out of place.
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