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Full Version: What lies between shadow and light: Hints and solution
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Spoiler below!

the sacred oath is broken

OK, I putted it in few days ago...
Is that all were gonna get?

I mean, I lol'd for the idea that people are get themselves pissed at this being so hard and then half year later, you find the answer and THAT is all you're gonna get. xD
Even worse. That the puzzle had an error inside it in almost a WHOLE year. THAT'S sad.. Big Grin:
Is that all? -.-
That's all. I was waited something news for the unknown, so i'am quite disapointed. The picture without any links.... oh damn.
What did I tell ya. Tongue:
I looked a bit at the puzzle and I found that as an idea, we can...

Spoiler below!

...put the image names together in some way. They are:

And the new one from the puzzle solution page:


What this means, I don't know, but here are a few notes and possible answers (will be updated over time):

The 1x could mean it's the first words to be used in the solution. However, there is not even proof my theory is correct.

A few ideas what it may be:

Something called the castle hall was... (I couldn't make sense out of the rest)

Something was ominous thumping.

There, the castle hall ominous thumping was something called...

Any ideas? Do you think I'm on the right track?
(09-04-2009, 08:59 PM)TheDarkFanumbra Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas? Do you think I'm on the right track?

Spoiler below!
I too think that there could be something more to this. The names are certainly interesting.

I think I see some letters on the picture we got ("think" because I probably only noticed them because I wanted to notice something.) If you look at the guy's vest, between the last button and his belt, there seems to be something that looks like an "e" or maybe 6 or 9. Also, on the guy's left boot (our right), there seems to be a tiny "T".

I didn't see a connection to anything so I decided it was my eyes deceiving me.
You guess soon find out what is in the Blackhole if you get more into this... o.O
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