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Full Version: Full Conversion Mods on Mac (Steam) after 1.3.1 update do not work.
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I've been trying countless times to install full conversion mods like White Night on the Steam version of Amnesia on Mac OS X with no success. This is by following over 4 tutorials for this. I speculate that full conversion mods no longer work on 1.3.1, since all the videos I saw were before 2015. I've even written to one youtube user (who made a tutorial on how to do this) about the problem, to which he wrote back:

+Superarmandbros Actually, after the 1.3 update was released, I tried installing this mod again (White Night) to see if it still worked, and I was unable to launch it. I'm unsure if there are additional steps required or if the update broke it. The update did break many things, so I kinda suspect that, but I haven't tried a whole lot yet.

To cut to the chase, when I launch Amnesia: The Dark Descent (after changing the launch options), Steam gives me this:

Failed to load config file!

This is not human error on my behalf, since I have meticulously installed full conversion mods. I just can't run them.

Is there any solution for this? Could the devs possibly patch this?

I'm running my Mac on OS X Yosemite 10.10.2
x64 bit