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Full Version: Got a code for a "FREE STEAM KEY" from the ARG.
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Not a key itself. Instructed to use it after release - how? Through the console on the website? I'm anxious having this value tied up in a weird instrument I don't know how to use, would love to apply it asap.
Post release. As it's a Steam key or tied to your email if it asks you for it, you'll just have to enter a product activation code in Steam after the game has been released. Similar things happened with AAMFP.

As far as I can guess, if you now have it, then you have it. You would likely not have to use the console to grab it, since that would violate methods as it has been done in the past.

Feel free to contradict me if you do find a way to activate through the console.

Congratulations nonetheless! Big Grin
The PD 'application' just printed
Quote:Use this code on release to get a FREE STEAM KEY for SOMA:
and then the 10-digit code itself (which afaik is not a valid format for a Steam key), on completing the puzzle. It didn't ask for my email or any kind of ID. I think if I hadn't seen it it would have been lost forever? As there is now no way to access the pd.exe any more (from this IP, anyway).

Hence my mild anxiety and confusion. I guess I'll just hang onto the code for now and wait to see what happens? Or else hopefully one of the developers/PMs will shed some light.
I think there is a ten digit format code, but I could be wrong. Haven't used Steam in months lol.

The fact that codes are being given out though makes me believe the release date isn't far off, even if I already know Depth is due soon.
I finished the puzzle in pd.exe but no code :<

That's unfair