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Full Version: Pewdiepie's escape in dungeon (customstory)
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You are Pewdiepie. You wakes up in a basement, unsure of what has happened. You can see Stephano on the table. The barrels have drugged you Pewdie. Find a way to escape the castle with Stephano before it's to late.

-characters: Pewdiepie, Stephano, Piggy, Barrels, the untrusted (u know who u are!)
-good story
-voice acting

[Image: GjNHHXQ.jpg]

i will add release date soon

*brofist* Big Grin
love u bros!

Prepare for the storm.
[Image: q4YOGpF.gif]
Yes Pewds will go throgh storm to get out of the castle! stay tuned
You are about 4-5 years late to the party.
[Image: destruction-scene-the-knowing-o.gif]

Judging from your picture, I suggest working more on the lighting and level editting of your story.
Judging from the title and description, I suggest not using any cheap jumpscares.
Judging from your name and the current time and date, I say you're either a troll, or really really late to the party.
i will work on lights but i dont want it to be dark
and it doesnt have jumpscares
I'm sorry if I sound rude but do you realize that Pewdiepie doesn't do Amnesia custom stories anymore? He did one currently with cry but that's it.
He moved on man

Level: Also you could fix the lighting in the room and add more detail to the level and atmosphere you're looking for..

Judging from your name and description, it really looks like you're trolling or seeking attention.. not that you are but it just sounds like it. You can come up with a new story please because these kind of stories have been going viral for the past 4 years, and it was getting old until now. So try creating your own ideas and story, and level designing. it will become fun...
If that's trolling, you are not even fucking close to being funny. Fuck off.
Ok guys release date is july 5
i'll share more screenshots soon
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