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Full Version: [HELP][STUCK] Room with machine,container and green thing
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Just playing through Penumbra : Black Plague
Remember when you have to operate the machine with 3 levers and 1 button to get some green thing into container ? And how lid in that thing is closed before you put empty container in it ?
Well,I transfered green thing onto the lid first,and then noticed that you have to put container in that slot next to it. Then I put it,green thing disappeared,and I can't pull back container (I suppose green thing is in it,I've read some walkthroughs too,but they didn't help me) .
Anyone had this problem and anyone knows the solution ?
Thanks in advance. Smile
Geez,thanks for help guys.
Anyways,auto-save is what saved me. If it wasn't for autosaves,I'd be fucked up Big Grin