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Full Version: Dreamteam looking for collaborators [CLOSED]
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Good morning, afternoon or evening...
My name is Spelos and I'm a developer of Amnesia: Regression, I'm also part of a small development team called WithoutPixel.
[Image: Pa2EVgN.png]

But let's get to the point, shall we?
WithoutPixel (consisting of two people) decided to do a collaboration work and create a dreamteam. Now currently there are 6 people working on the project and we are looking for anyone who want to try the custom story development or wants to work in a team for a change.

Are you a lone wolf veteran?
Are you a newbie trying to learn?

Who exactly are you looking for?
If you have one or even multiple of the following skills:
  • Basic Level Creation
  • Map detailing
  • Scripting
  • Model creation
  • Texture creation
  • Animation (might not be used)
  • Level Design (shapes and room content design)
  • Art Direction (drawing skills / planning skills)
  • Story Writing / Character Development
  • Graphic Design (logos, banners, decals)
If you have one or more of these... you will be a valuable member of the group.

We accept anyone who is creative and willing to help with a small custom story. If there are enough people, it might grow into a slightly larger custom story.

If you're interested, contact us at

Spoiler below!

I would join, but I'm scared I would be forced to the work I don't like
If you join you will not be forced to do anything at any time, you choose what you work on.
The credit that will be given to you is dependent on the work you'll do and if you don't do anything or almost anything, you could be excluded from the credits.
Of course there are ways of getting kicked out from the project, but if you're friendly and have logical reasons to your actions, we'll understand... after all we're just people who's having fun.

What if I won't have enough time? I'm busy
Don't worry, the project will go as fast or as slow as you decide. If you have to leave for a week or two, it's ok. As long as you tell us and do something while the project is running, it's ok. Even if you just get tired of working... Everyone gets burnt out and the harder you work the more probable it is, so we understand, you can take few days or how long you need to recover your working spirit.

Can I just give a thumbs up to say "This is how you ask for a team. This is pretty much what you should do when seeking people!"

I'm somewhat interested, but may not put up my hand. Can I ask, while you're accepting multiple people of varying experience with the HPL2 engine, what kind of people are you looking for? Scripters? Level Designers? Modellers? It will attract specific people and jack-of-all-trade people as well!

Good luck with your projects and team gathering!
First of all... thank you Blush

Second of all...
It doesn't really matter what is a person focused at. I will edit the original post after this so if someone is reading this after that, don't be confused.
Thanks for reminding...

Anyway the point is that we all do level design to a degree.
You simply choose a map from the story-line that you like the best and you work at it.
If someone is already working on that map, you join him/her.
If you have a problem with a script that's not working, you mark it as Bugged and continue on your other work.
If you're scripting you can just go and fix bugs or you can review finished maps and fix little bugs.

You basically do the work you're good at or the work you want to be good at.
If you want to get better at scripts, you simply team up with the person that does scripts and he can perhaps give you a little tour through his .hps files...

There are no strict rules. It's a hobby, it takes time. It should be fun... Anything is possible if you just ask. =)
Guys you look like an interesting group indeed. It seems like you are kind of hiring people, but letting them follow their own schedule, so if it's like that count on me. I have skill in pretty much all of the above (average though).
Good luck with this bros, sounds great. Hurry up with the project, we are bored n.n
(08-10-2015, 12:59 PM)The chaser Wrote: [ -> ]Guys you look like an interesting group indeed. It seems like you are kind of hiring people, but letting them follow their own schedule, so if it's like that count on me. I have skill in pretty much all of the above (average though).

Really good to hear!
Sorry, I didn't notice you earlier, we had some work... already going on...
I see you didn't send us an e-mail, so... I'll contact you via PM.

If anyone wants to join, there are already 5 members! Come along, it's fun.
I'm sorry, I hadn't read that part of the E-mail. Answered your P.M and all, tho Smile