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Full Version: [IFC] Subconscientia
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[Image: nohl53.jpg]


Open Mind Studio
proudly presents to you


a story-driven isolated full conversion mod with a strong focus on dialogues as the main way of storytelling.

Our goal is to create a well-told story with classic Amnesia pacing and challenging puzzles, in a detailed and carefully designed game world. In terms of game creation, our aim is to make something fresh out of something we already know—that includes using as many default Frictional Games' assets as possible to scare the player anew.


Script 99% - still being polished
Maps 30%
Scripting 5%
Beta Testing 0%

Spoiler below!
[Image: Amnesia_2015_08_19_14_38_16_615.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: Amnesia_2015_06_19_09_21_14_864.jpg]

We are in need of skilled map designers and scripters, if we want to speed things up a bit—any help from the community is always much welcome!
Looks good :> you can ask for help here at the forums if you need.

If you're open to suggestions I'd say you should try to avoid using overused assets from Amnesia. Like the paintings and mansion/castle textures. You can re-texture walls, create new paintings, etc.
Well thank you very much. It is so motivate when someone like it.

Greet "Brother-Brother" Smile