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Full Version: Misspelling in the EULA.
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I got the preorder for Soma, and went to preload the game onto my computer so I could play it on the release day right away. However, when I was reading the EULA I noticed that there was a misspelling of the word "allowed". Usually misspelling a word is not a big deal, but when it comes to legal documents I figured it might be important, so that's why I decided to mention it. Anyways, its in the paragraph about creating modifications or total conversions, and its spelled like "alloawed". Probably not too big a deal, but you never know.
What do you mean? If you read it like Arnold you'll understand.

(Thanks for letting us know!)
(09-18-2015, 06:21 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]What do you mean? If you read it like Arnold you'll understand.

Hahaha! I was going to PM you about it, I'm glad someone else beat me to it.

I thought I was the only person in the world who read EULAs. Shy
Fun thing is that despite whatever the possible agreement says, including typos, non-proper spelling and even if it was written in ├╝ber-l33t-haX0r language, it still is as binding as any other more viable looking agreement. If you feel during reading that you do not agree or cannot comply with it, then you have the right to decline. However, if you choose to follow it then it is viable since you agreed with whatever the agreement says.