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Full Version: SOMA crashes my Nvidia gtx 960 driver sometimes
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So, sometimes the game keeps crashing my NVIDIA driver, which makes me need to reset my pc (Win 10).

My graphic settings are all on expect for shadows which are on high instead of very high.

I have attached the game log too see if it helps.

I don't know how to create a spoiler box to say the exact point it crashes.
Can you try and do a cache integrity check on Steam and see if that helps? Right-click on the game, properties, local files and there is a button to click for this.
Does the game crash or just the graphics drivers? Or both?
The log doesnt show anything weird. The drivers look up to date

Does it happen on random locations or can you reproduce it?

without the two\
I'm almost at the end of the game I think, It has happened 2 more times.

I'll PM you to tell you exactly when it happened, and yes the game crashes also.

It could be that I'm using shadow play to record the game for my video review also.


Same card, also getting a crash. Not sure if this is fully related but my computer goes into kind of a "perma-sleep" where the computers screen turns off and everything ctrl+alt+delete does not work and I am forced to hold the shutdown button to force shutdown. (I am on Windows 7)

Spoiler below!

Just got the game recently and I was still at the start messing around with moving items around I picked up a USB stick and tried to "insert" it into the desktop PC left unattended in the lab. Suddenly my games graphics freaked out and at first I thought it was some kind of easter egg but then found it was the crash described.
Could you upload your hpl.log from Documents\My Games\SOMA\ LuaTenshi?
Are you recording the game using Shadowplay?


(09-22-2015, 09:32 AM)nebej Wrote: [ -> ]Could you upload your hpl.log from Documents\My Games\SOMA\ LuaTenshi?
Are you recording the game using Shadowplay?

I was not using Shadowplay how ever I was streaming the game play via steams streaming service. So it may be that. I will upload the hpl.log as soon as I can. As I am currently typing this from my phone. (it's 4:35 am)

Thanks for the quick response. I'll be sure to register to the forums as well.
You could try to run the game in Borderless display mode instead of fullscreen when streaming. Nvidia can have some issues with streaming and running the game in fullscreen on OpenGL


Same thing is happening to me. GTX 960, Win 10. But my crashes were a bit different. It would randomly hang and kick me out. It was happening frequently enough that I was sure to save often. Now it keeps crashing when I try load my last save. I have tried
>Exiting and restating the game
>Restarting my pc
>Validating Steam files
>Manually deleting old save files in the hopes that my latest one got corrupted

But nothing seems to be working
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