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Full Version: Semi off topic, yet strangely important!
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The. Music.

Who plays all this music? I've learned the first 'music_theme' (Original soundtrack to Episode1), But I'd like to get to know if .... Is there somewhere I can download all the music? And who makes it? And can I find nodes for it so that I can be sure to play it correctly?! And what about the black plague music?

.. Hm, and how do I re-aquire the Episode1, seeing as I can't use my old computer anymore (Downloaded it that way, and I don't remember what service I used, nor can I find any e-mails regarding subscription to DLgames or similar sites)
And when will the COLLECTOR'S EDITION come out? Big Grin
You can BUY the whole soundtrack on CD if you like.

And music is composed by Mikko Tarmia.

And about Collector's Edition, there is already that one.
It includes all the 3 games with latest patches. Just Google Penumbra Collection and find the shop nearest to you.
...or if you like, you can buy the collection straight to your hard drive, if you like.
I donĀ“t think the soundtrack is released yet... hopefully it will be soon though!
That's all awesome.
Will the soundtrack be released in shops, and if so, will I be able to buy it in like Fona, or can I order it somewhere?

(I'm a collector, so any chance to get a real CD > buying stuff online as MP3-files)

And as for the nodes? Will they be released somewhere as well?
And omg, ---< AFK buying Collector's Edition ^^
Penumbra OST CD is in print now, and the album will be released very soon. Download version will be also available. We don't have real distributors for the album to sell it everywhere, but it will be put to certain online stores which can deliver the CD worldwide.

People have been asking for the note sheet for Overture theme. I'm glad to report you it will be finally available soon, before the album release (for free). Smile

Will I be able to place an order directly from Frictional Games, or will I hav to use a distributor?
Mainly I prefer to buy CDs off the authors directly... It's cooler that way (And I'm certain that my author actually receives a fair pay, rather than 5% of the sale price, and the rest for the store/ distributor)
You will probably order the music directly from Mikko - from his homepage... which Scraper posted links to!
We had some delays in CD delivery, so the release will be delayed too. But the soundtrack will be released very soon (January). While awaiting for the release, there are some freebies available at the project's website, including one free track and a note sheet for Penumbra Overture theme. Go get them Smile
The album release is very near, so I uploaded this OST teaser video into Youtube with some screenshots from the game. Hopefully it sets the right mood for you guys! Enjoy! Smile

Penumbra OST teaser video
I'd recommend you to add http:// in front of the link at the YouTube video's description.
That makes it to an straight link to your website...
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