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Full Version: Black screen, everything else seems fine
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Pretty new to Linux, so I might need a little hand-holding. I've figured out a couple things for myself already.

I'm running Fedora fc12 64 bit system, Mobile Nvidia 45 Express chipset/video. I'm using RPM fusion for my video drivers.

I can start the game (in this case, Overture or Black Plague) and get the full intro with video and sound. I am then left at a black screen. Music still playing. If I cursor over the screen, I will get an "eye" or "hand". If I click or R-click, I will get popup dialog regarding the item (eye) or related sound effect (hand). I can "escape" to the dialog for "New Game" "Load Game" "Options" etc.

I'm willing to try other video drivers (would appreciate step-by-step). I've tried a handful of times already to change/upgrade drivers and have gotten very adept to performing a full disk recovery.


I think I have the game working. I'm new to Linux, so I doubt I could offer much in the way of support. To clarify my post above, I do not have an Nvidia video card. I in fact have have an integrated Mobile IntelĀ® GM45 Express Chipset.

I first tackled this game in Fedora 64bit. Despite numerous attempts, I could never move beyond the opening movie sequence.

After about a week, I decided to abandon Fedora for Ubuntu (again, I'm new to Linux so making a complete OS switch wasn't a big deal). I decided to install 32bit Ubuntu, in hopes I would avoid the 32bit library issues which can complicate getting the game running. I did get past a black screen following the introduction video. My graphics consisted of salt/pepper snow.

After spending some time in Ubuntu I thought I would go ahead and install the 64bit version. Since I've been fairly compulsive in getting Overture running, I went ahead and installed it. To my surprise, I now have graphics!

I wanted to post b/c it is my understanding the Intel chipsets aren't supported. So if there is any information I can provide that might be helpful, let me know.

After a couple weeks, I'm looking forward to playing this!