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Full Version: Video Of the Pick Axe In Black Plague (NEW)
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The old video was taken down for some reason so I did the imports and made a video myself. The pick axe can break doors down leading to some funny glitches and events. More videos of these things will be uploaded soon. Big Grin:Tongue:Wink::lol:
Lol i guess you can get into so many glitched places.
I use dynamite to break doors and some other things. And... i must tell you that i killed Dr.Eminiss, Clarence and many other infected maniacs. I tried to get the pic axe on the BP, but it wasn't succes. Anyway, dynamite is better than nothing. Really!
nice man
how you did it?
You can load it here.

But there's a flashlight problem. Everytime you move to the next level, you have more and more of those flashlights on your inventory. When it's full you can pick up the items, but they doesn't show on the inventory, so i use savespots, if i want go through the game.
thanks man