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Alrighty, I made a thread just like this one for AMFP, so it makes sense that we have one for SOMA also! The game is out now so tell everyone what you've thought of it!

The thread is for members of the forums who wish to post their own reviews of the game, and what they liked/disliked about it. More comprehensive the better, although there is no limit to how much you can write, or how little Smile

If all else fails, and you suck at writing out reviews just vote in the poll above what you would score the game.

Remember to use spoiler tags!
I'll write a much more comprehensive review for the game when I get to the point where I feel I can judge it more, but right now, it's hovering around the 8.0 mark for me.
"it's alright"
Great story but I wanted to see even minimalistic type of gameplay. Sometimes, stealth and waiting were annoying.
They did a awesome job with the engine and I can't wait to see HPL4 engine.
I'll be grasping plot repercussions for awhile.
So yes ive played it and...

The enemys in this game are such weirdos... they just dont belong anywhere and they are soooooo weird

I walked out a cave at tau and saw a light... Was a fucking monster.
But this is nothing compared to the weirdo tentacle geek who HAS NO FUCKING FRIENDS and if you look at it IT FUCKING DONT MOVES!!! O.O Why are these monsters so weird... im just not scared im realy... WTF! Its hilarious but on the other side absolutly disturbing O.O
That last sentence pretty much summed up how I felt about that post......
+ great story
+ gorgeous art
+ colorful characters and great writing
+ long, took me 12 hours to finish
+ makes you think

- enemies too hard and only scary the first time, becomes tedious
- enemy zones too small with not enough escape zones
- saves stretched too far
- confusing puzzles at times, i spent most of the time wandering about looking for stuff i can click
- waiting in pressure chambers, waiting in elevators, waiting for enemies to go away, waiting for doors with 8 locks on them to open...

despite being frustrating and even boring at times, there is nothing quite like it out there. the game truly shines when you are forced to make hard decisions and learn about the characters and your environment. if only the developers didn't feel the need to put run and hide sections in small unavoidable areas alongside important emails and puzzles.

+ story
+ variety of locations
+ voice acting
+ puzzles
+ no loading screens
+ decent checkpoint system
+ ending**

- short, ~7-8 hours
- enemies are slow and predictable*
- ending**

Spoiler below!
*except for the guy from the laboratory part of Theta, f*** him
**it wasn't bad, but I was hoping for a mind-blowing twist

Great game overall, 9/10.
I just finished the Game and i had the weirdest experience playing it XD Beware of huge spoilers. And yes i have a weird english today... Its like i just ended the game and still beeing shocked! Big Grin
Spoiler below!

Quote:So when i started the game i was already scared from thomas tweets... and i hat that reality time discussion... So i was realy afraid.

The beginning wasnt surprising but felt uncomfortable... it just wasnt scifi at all...
So suddenly i woke up in Ypsilon, the kinda tutorial easy part.
I quickly realized that all this was more about the story and interaction, the horrorpart is only deco and atmosphere. The game would totaly work without monsters. Except WAU...
WAU is part of another story XD

The human half robot thingys werent that scary but they had nice informations about the station and what happen. Smile

After a while i was at Catherines place and there i met the first real weirdo XD
So a humanly thingy with a giant discoball as head started chasing me... And i couldnt stop to laugh Big Grin even if i just have a tiny bit of that monster on the screen it sees me XD But it looked so funny!

A while later i was at a realy peacefull place called the plateau. There was a nice riddle with an antenna wich used me todo some try and ease. Took me an hour for that place but it was relaxing.

Then shit got real... before Omicron.
"They are blind but they can hear realy realy good!"
Greatest lie of all time? For now...
Those creatures are realy hard and gave me some scares.
I just hate them XD

Well the story infos i took there were realy nice, i firstly realized how the beginning makes sence, how all makes sence!
Ross isnt scary hes your friend.
His assisstants are another story...
Stop crying already! Jez.

The abyss.
And here SOMA starts realy.
Never in my life i was so scared and disturbed.
Giant fish and red light all over the place, its like hell on earth?
Inside Tau i met him... The reason why i freaked out so much about the game XD

On a early screenshot wich was titled "friend" i saw him...
He is realy realy realy realy realy bad and weird.
A human creature with an Suit and tentacles all over his face.
He sees you always. ALWAYS. And when you look at him... he stops moving... FOR NO REASON. Then eventually decides to move 5 meters onto you... What the fuck?
Thats sooo weird o.o i freaked out told him to FUCKING NOT follow me.
What has WAU done... omg.

There after i met a human beeing. A real one!
Was amzingly done, everything! Nice twist!

Then i killed WAU, wich certainly was a non choice thing... it didnt even work...

Giant Monster flying threw rocks following me... annyoing O.O but amazingly done :3

The end. My end had a twist wich was clear from the beginning, you know that this will happen from the start. But you dont expect it realy to happen cause it would be a cliffy rhingy.

Possible Addon/DLC place! Great chance, much wow!

Dear FG,

The graphics werent that great for nowtime games... but they work totaly for SOMA, it just fits perfectly!
The Sounds are perfectly done... but the music was weak this time, not enough and emotionless. :c
The Story is weird and twisted and leaves places for DLCs, done nicely!
Simons reaction at the start was weak and not real... but then it was perfect, as its for catherine!
Enemys were nicely done but werent that scary to me, they were realy weird and i almost toyed with them O.o
Why is dying so badly done in the game? Its such a hard point for your games and in SOMA dying is worthless... what does the player actually lose? There is no challenge in dying.
Do a DLC after simon shot the ARCHE in space, its a perfect point. Let him escape to the Surface or let him be contacted by survivors! :3 I demand a DLC!

I rate this Game 10 Trillion out of 10?
Well no, i think it deserves a solid 9. For 10 it needs more polish, like greater use of music and enemys that actually give simon a challenge. Simon needs to freak out more and i just cant believe pathos is the only station around... Its not that from maybe 10 Mia people just a few had the idea to build a giant base underwater... thats unreal.

SOMA has a great future and i have to play it again... this time i kill every robot machine that is out there. Everything. :-3
Thanks for this game!

Any member reviews unless they are fostering some extensive discussion on some aspect of the game should go in this thread.
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