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Comparing SOMA to AtDD...

How are AtDD's "Custom Story" & "Full Conversion" terminology changed in SOMA?

Is "Mod" suppose to be the new "Custom Story" or "Full Conversion"?

I downloaded the [DEVELOPER TEST] map from the Steam Workshop, and I'm trying to get my own own map listed in "Standalone Content" page where your [DEVELOPER TEST] is listed to play.

How do I get it up their?

I tried brute forcing it by copying and changing the "entry.hpc", "resources.cfg", "game.cfg" and "main_init.cfg". All the files are in a temp directory "custom_stories" in their respective folders.

P.S. - I noticed in the "entry.hpc" that their is a "PublishedID="###", is this randomly generated from your computer system/clock? Is this critical for anything? (Might an error pop up because duplicates might be found in other Mods or whatever?)
You create a mods folder in your soma folder if you want to use the none steam modlauncher, then put the folder you got from workshop in that folder.

PublishedID you can leave blank, the moduploader adds the ID to it when uploading to workshop.
A folder that is exactly called "mods" in the folder were the soma.exe lies?

Were is itt
@Jens - Thanks and any ETA for the Update/Fix that affects "ColorMul" being defaulted to black? It also affects static_objects and I was surprised when opening my map up and seeing the world in an eerie B&W.


@Filizitas - Yes, just make a "mods" folder in the SOMA directory. (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SOMA\mods)

Download the Steam Workshop > SOMA > [Developer Test] map, so you can copy the config files and what not to get yours working.

Lastly run the "ModLauncher.exe" in the SOMA folder which I think Jens was referring to.

I get some warnings though (Not stopping me from running my Mod)

On launch, I get a "Steam API failed to initialize. Workshop subscribed items will not be available."

Lastly when I click to start my Mod, I get a steam warning "Allow SOMA to launch with optional command line "-mod C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/SOMA/Lockdown/entry.hpc" ? If you did not request this launch then click Cancel".

Past that, your good to go!

P.S. - On your wiki

Where and what is the "settings file" to turn on "DebugMenu" to true?
I cant find the Small custom campaign demo content... searching does just show me the saves :c were is it?!?
It's in here...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\282140\521867713
Now lets if i can create an addon :3 thx!

EDIT: I created an addon :3
Does anyone know from this wiki

Where and what is the "settings file" to set "DebugMenu" to true?
It is in Documents/My Games/SOMA and you can open the settings file in notepad (don't use word or any such thing, must be plain text editor). Search for DebugMenu="false" and change it to DebugMenu="true"
Are you sure it's "DebugMenu" on your end?

I finally found mine, but it's actually "DebugMode".

Spoiler below!
<Game ShowCommentary="false" />
<Debug ShowFPS="true" ShowSoundPlaying="false" ShowPlayerInfo="false" ShowEntityInfo="false" SaveCheckPointOnMapLoad="false" ShowDebugMessages="false" UseProgLog="false" ShowSoundCategories="false" ShowSoundParams="false" ShowSoundAIEvents="false" ShowModuleInfo="false" ShowMapInfo="false" ScriptDebugOn="false" InspectionMode="false" DisableFlashBacks="false" DrawPhysics="false" AutoReloadResources="false" OutputVoiceAndEventInfo="false" PauseAtWindowOpenClose="true" ShowScriptGC="false" DebugInfoWindow="false" RecordPlayTestData="false" DrawGuiUIBoxes="false" ShowMissingVoiceFileErrorMessage="false" VRAMLimit="1700" ShowTVSafeArea="false" GodModeActivated="false" ReloadScriptAtTaskSwitch="false" ReloadFromCurrentPosition="true" SpecCameraTeleportPlayer="false" ShowPlayerColliderInSpecCam="false" ShowMemoryUsage="false" ShowRenderingInfo="false" ReloadScriptConstantly="false" AllowQuickSave="false" ScriptHelperFolder="script/helpers" LogLabelFilter="-1" WarningLevel="4" LogNonPreloadedResources="false" CollapsedLog="true" />
<Input InvertMouse="false" SmoothMouse="true" InvertPad="false" Rumble="true" MouseSensitivity="1.000000" GamepadSensitivity="2.000000" />
<Map File="" Folder="" StartPos="" />
<Graphics TextureQuality="0" TextureFilter="2" TextureAnisotropy="16.000000" SSAOActive="true" SSAOQuality="0" DepthOfFieldQuality="2" BloomActive="true" WorldReflection="true" Refraction="true" ShadowsActive="true" ShadowQuality="2" ShadowResolution="2" ParallaxQuality="0" ParallaxEnabled="true" Brightness="1.000000" OcclusionTestLights="true" EdgeSmooth="false" ForceShaderModel3And4Off="false" UndergrowthQuality="0" TerrainTessellation="0" AntiAliasing="FXAA" />
<Sound Device="-1" Volume="1.000000" MaxSoftwareChannels="64" MaxVirtualChannels="1000" ForceShowSubtitleCharacterName="false" ShowSubtitles="false" SpeakerType="HomeCinema" />
<Screen Width="1920" Height="1080" FullScreen="true" Vsync="true" RefreshRate="60" />
<Main FirstGameStart="false" DebugMode="true" GenerateScriptAPI="false" StartLanguage="english.lang" ScreenShotExt="jpg" ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving="true" AutogenerateLangFiles="false" SaveConfig="true" ShowMenu="true" UpdateLogActive="true" ContinueMap="main_menu.hpm" ContinuePos="" />
<MapLoad FastPhysicsLoad="false" FastStaticLoad="false" FastEntityLoad="false" />
<Engine LimitFPS="true" SleepWhenOutOfFocus="true" ShowBrokenMeshes="true" />
<Saving MaxAutoSaves="20" />
<Gameplay FOV="70.000000" />

For anyone else who is interested...

Example Path = "C:\Users\Rapture\Documents\my games\Soma\Mods\Lockdown"

The file-name has a "user_settings.cfg" at the end, the beginning is your computer/SOMA name with a gargle gook of numbers.

Question: The "void OnAction(int alAction, bool abPressed)" is for detecting when the player inputs a Mouse/Keyboard command, correct?

If so, where do I find the Boolean for the correct key to be pressed? I don't see anything that gives an indication to which Key is being pressed for it to work.

Example... (This is in 02_03_delta.hps > About Line 209)
        //Call zepp to landing site and teleport player, press 8 to take off. (F3 is good to not forget as well..)
        else if(alAction == eAction_Test2)
            Tool_PickUp("CathTool", false, true);
            //Tool_PickUp("KateChip", false, true);

It mentions about using the "8" key to take-off, but I can't figure out where the condition is being set for that.
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