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Full Version: PLEASE Give Us All Penumbra Objects, Items, and Creatures In Level Editor
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OK, now I got an idea... It's only idea, but let's discuss more about it.

Recreating Unbirth fully in map editor of Amnesia.

Since, the maps and everything else is ready, as Thomas said, it's not impossible...
You can view the maps in some other program, correct?
Only problem when playing Unbirth, is that the game crashes due to some bug.
Though, if we'd create the world of Unbirth in Amnesia's map editor (since we can view the maps in other program), it would work out correctly.

Needs a bit of work, but if there's enough people to even try it... it MIGHT work out well.
well once amnesia comes out ill wanna help with the mod Smile. heres the new story for unbirth. a man goes to greenland in search of his father and goes into a mine and gets trapped and has to go deeper into it. hey wait a minute this sounds familiar......
Remakes aren't worth shit unless the original game was shit. Penumbra was not shit. Therefore we want to remake Unbirth because a lot of people can't play the original.
no if ur referring to my last post it was a joke. lol yeah penumbra wasnt shit even requiem was fun even without the horror. the secret outtakes of red were funny. problem with remakes is they have to be like the original. wat i mean by that is that u have to pretty much do everything the orginal creators did when making the game and more. Look at black mesa source. its a remake of hl1 on the hl2 engine. Theyve done an amazing job but some remakes arent so well done and turn out crap. unbirth would need a good team that wants to remake it so it wont become dead in about a year. im not saying it wont get a good team but just saying
lol i just realized something. in unbirth pretty much every room is a separate map. in the map editor we could just fuse 3 maps/rooms together into one map to lessen the amount of files XD but lol thats kinda obvious
(12-13-2009, 06:48 PM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]Remakes aren't worth shit unless the original game was shit. Penumbra was not shit. Therefore we want to remake Unbirth because a lot of people can't play the original.

I'll prove you wrong in an instant: Half Life Source, Resident Evil: Remake, Super Street Fighter etc, The Secret of Monkey Island and the countless retro game remixes like Pac-man: Championship Edition.
It's a bit early for a remake though.
half life source wasnt a remake (thats black mesa) it was just converting it to source engine. and the resident evil remake was awesome.
Honestly, you're probably better off remaking the entire game (excluding sounds) from scratch for this engine.
The old scenes are lacking in detail, while the textures are low res and could be done better. Ram usage isn't as important, and neither is harddrive space.
Enemies probably have to be redone to work correctly in the engine; in the least reanimated so they are smoother.

Scripts totally redone, some things might not be possible from the old game. Some areas might need fleshing out, while others might need some retraction.

EDIT: Aside from a few tech levels, I'll probably stay away from this engine. Starcraft2 modding looks like it'd fit my needs much better (by that I mean third person genre)
If the editor allows me to, then I will try to remake Fiend. Smile
fiend? never heard of it. lol. also we want to remake it from scratch windex. but in order to do that we need the layout of the maps, item locations, all that jazz so we arent making a completely new game except for the first 3 rooms.
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