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Full Version: PLEASE Give Us All Penumbra Objects, Items, and Creatures In Level Editor
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Possible copyright issues aside, I really like the idea of adding the Penumbra objects into the database of the ATDD level editor.

Here's a suggestion : How about putting the stuff from Penumbra into a self-extracting zip pack and making it available as either free or paid DLC for the ATDD/HPL2 editor ? That would work fine, IMHO. It wouldn't overburden the ATDD game and editor files with needless additional content, but eager fan mission creators would still have reasonable access to it.
But if it's DLC that you have to pay for, people who want to play mods with those assets in them would have to get the DLC as well.
(12-30-2009, 12:18 AM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]But if it's DLC that you have to pay for, people who want to play mods with those assets in them would have to get the DLC as well.

Hm, that's true. But if they would be included in a stand-alone mission pack (for the specific fan mission), it wouldn't be neccessary.

Take a look at this neat programme for Thief 1-3 FMs :
It's called Garrett Loader. It installs Fan Mission (FM) content by creating a backup zip for the original game files (+ your saves) and then replacing them with the corresponding custom files and new content from an FM pack. It's fully automatic, so you don't even need separate installs for the original game. You simply select an FM from the FM folder you made for them, you press Install, wait a few seconds (depending on the size of the FM zip), and you're ready to play. Don't worry, you can select the backup pack with the original game files at any time and flawlessly re-install the game to it's usual form. And if you already have an FM installed, but want to play another, you simply select it and and install press Install. So, there's no need to restore the original game files before installing a new FM, the programme handels the entire file-swaping, packing and repacking operation by itself. It's really very easy and reliable.

I think a similar programme would work well for ATTD FMs.
Sry for not reading all the posts (I'm too sleepy right now...), so, this answers directly the first post and considers the 2nd.

A mod only has the original game's assets available. That's how it is for all games and modding tools.
The only way to solve this was to have the ability to join FG games into an SDK. Much like Valve did with their games since HL2. You have the SDK so you can have any assets you want, as long as you have bought the game that comes with the intended content.

That would be an extremely nice feature to have at our grasp. But only the devs can tell us at this point how viable that solution is, considering that the first games weren't made thinking about that (I assume).
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