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Full Version: PLEASE Give Us All Penumbra Objects, Items, and Creatures In Level Editor
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Unless you've already decided to do this here's why you should.

1. Having the ability to make maps for penumbra using the Amnesia map editor would allow games to be made by fans. (Mods obviously)
2. Having mods could lead to expanding the penumbra story with some fan games.
3. The new engine looks like it has huge potential in making the game. So it could increase the amount of things to do in a penumbra type mod.
4. It makes me Jizz in Mah Pants thinking about using the map editor to make amnesia mods.:lol:Big Grin: It would be 60000000 times better if I could make penumbra mods to.
5. May allow you to get know more and get a higher fan base.

I thought that this would be cool to have since I watched the map making video and saw the chest looked alot like the one in penumbra. Unless you've already added all the objects and items from the series to the map maker. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about doing this.

P.S. (Off Topic) Will Amnesia be released on steam same day as the Disc version?
But the problem is the assets of Penumbra are also owned partially by Penumbra's publishers or something like that. So putting something that you have to pay cashmoney for in one game into a different game in which those publishers don't get your money for them is against copyright law.

I think. That was the case for some other two games once, so I'm not entirely sure. But that's what I believe is true.
yeah paradox interactive does own some of that I believe. then my plan has been foiled XD XD. if thats even the company your talking about. they published black plague and requiem if i remeber correctly.
I think it would be really fun to see some fan Penumbra in HPL so will look into what we can do.

Personally, it would be even more fun to see Unbirth come alive with HPL2 Big Grin:
That would be so awesome that I would cry or something :cry:Big Grin:Heart:mrgreen:

We will see what we can do about all this. Do not want to promise anything, but it sure is not an impossibility.

Quote:P.S. (Off Topic) Will Amnesia be released on steam same day as the Disc version?
That is the plan and we will do our best to make it so.
No matter what I tried, Unbirth never worked past the second or third map. Sad I tried uninstalling and everything and it was kind of a disappointment. An Unbirth for HPL2 would be ideal.

You know what, I'll try to reinstall it again just because I feel like it.
That is what makes the released version of Unbirth so sad. There is actually almost an entire game in there, but a crash bug prevents one from playing it.

Because of some strange urge I just had to try out Unbirth again just now Tongue Playing it, I am not sure that it should be remade in HPL 2 because my graphics are so terrible Tongue Perhaps something can be salvaged though and I wonder if it would be possible to load the model files. Dunno if I have the 3ds files lying around (think not), but the mesh files should be in a directx bin format, so must be some way of extracting info. Would be nice if Troy's (a very talented 3d artist that helped making stuff for Unbirth) enemies could be of some use. Also, as Unbirth featured weapons (melee and guns) I would have to add some tweaks to Amnesia code to support that (there is actually some code lying around that was used for combat tests), but if someone shows the will to do some kinda mod with guns, then I might find the time to add code for that. Note that I am not promising anything here though, but just saying that it is within the realm of the possible.
i have never tryed the unbirth cause ive heard that it was plagued with bugs. If we have the ability to ad models and wat not then theres no need to put the penumbra stuff in there cause we could just import them or something. also penumbra in HLP2 would be awesome. from wat ive seen u can do so much more

EDIT: Holy crap i got a post from frictional games XD my life is complete lol

EDIT2: just played unbirth. feels alot like call of cthuhlu with all the thoughts and descriptions. very fun but sadly it does crash alot as u know. also lol unbirth would have alot of potential on HPL2 but we would need the story cause it doesnt give u much in the game. lol the mod could be called Unbirth: Rebirth or something like that XD
I think that the HPL2 engine could definitely use code for guns if used for a game of another genre than Frictional horror- I mean terror.

The use of the engine with all its physics glory could be used for far much more than just a horror puzzle game, maybe with its as-of-yet easy-looking tool set. Possibly, it could branch out to regions as far and wide as the Source engine except with less jiggly ragdoll physics.

Also, it could be possible to remake Unbirth in its entirety, assuming whoever makes it can run actually run the original game.
well unbirth in my opinion has potential but since no one can run it well actually have to open the maps in some other program to see them to remake them in HLP2 and the story as far as i know is unknown besides the end of the world posters ive read and the the summary on its page so someone who wrote the story would have to remember it or some one just re write it for the mod.

also the source engine does have very wiggly rag dolls. one thing it doesnt have is the very impressive lighting (as far as Ive seen anyway) ability as HLP2 and the potential for guns would widen the variety of mods that could be made. which is why the penumbra Items, Enviroments (walls and shit), enemies and what not could be usefull
i kinda think some things from all penumbra games and stuff like that could be useful......maybe give us tech demo stuff..THAT! would be the best thing ever. to bad i cant enjoy BP and Overture in its full glory due to some strange bug but thomas id go with these ideas if i were you. It would be great to see continuations of tech demo id like to keep everything from the ENTIRE series in amnesia but then the file size might get huge..maybe you guys could just convert the files to amnisia files then compress them and name em like PENUMBRA EDITOR FILES then if we wanted penumbra files we could open it in WinRar and extract em to level editor folder just what i think
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