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Full Version: Happy Birthday Sexbad!
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Wherever you are...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you get to play SOMA some day...

I remember Sexbad used to post up a lot during pre-AMFP and then disappeared after that. What are your moments with the guy? Heart
It seems he's before our time Mudbill, his last post was in 2012.

Nonetheless, happy birthday should you ever visit the forums again after two years~ Yay, +1 to my post count!
That guy is/was awesome
I remember him, the italian homosexual who made reviews! Happy birthday eitherway

ps: before something weird comoes out, I pointed out his gender preferences because a lot of the times, the content of his post was related to it
He was the guy with ninja turtles in his signature right?

Happy birthday to the person who doesn't frequent the forums anymore!