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Full Version: 2010-02 Friday 19th, Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Teaser, Web Site & Pre-order
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Helsingborg, Sweden - 19th of February 2010

From the makers of the Penumbra series comes a brand new survival horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Today we are happy to announce the release of the game's web site and a first look at actual in-game footage, in the form of a horrifying teaser.

"We recently finished a massive testing session of the game to much success. With that behind us we now know how Amnesia will play like and what it takes to finish it. This means we feel confident in moving forward and sharing more juicy details about the game. This includes crucial things such as availability, pricing and what the game is all about."
- Thomas Grip, Co-founder.

Web site
General information about the game, screenshots and a teaser are the main additions to the heavily updated web site . We have also added information about how to pre-order and where the final game will be available for purchase. Check back for future updates with new screens, information and, as release draws closer, a demo.

The web site also features something of a first in the history of computer games - the “pre-order-o-meter”. Watch as blood fill up for every new pre-order placed! If we reach 2000 pre-orders before end of May, new content will be added to the game.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to experience the first real gameplay video released. This teaser gives a first look at what sort of experience we are aiming for when playing Amnesia, it lasts for over three minutes and consists of one single clip. The idea is to convey as clearly as possible that the player is in control of the character throughout the whole game. There are no cut-scenes or any sort of moments where control is taken away to force the narrative forward.

Status of Amnesia: The Dark Descent
The game is now up and running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X! All platforms have participated in the recent testing session and performed over expectations. We are pleased to announce that the game will get a simultaneous release on all platforms!

Many companies seem to view the PC as a “dying gaming platform” and we see this as a great opportunity. Amnesia is a modern 3D game that from the very beginning has been created with the PC in mind. It has modest demands on the PC hardware compared to recent console ports and because of this we are able to make sure a broader audience can experience the game as intended.

Release and availability
With an estimated release date of August 2010, you can pre-order it now for USD16 and save 20% on the release price of USD20. The pre-order is available at our own online store and is for the digital download version of the game. At the release in August the game will be available for purchase in just about any of the major online stores. Further details can be found at the Amnesia web site and more information will be released shortly. A boxed version for retail release is also planned and information will be released as it becomes available.

About Frictional Games
We are a small independent game developer located in the south of Sweden or, to be more precise, located on the Internet - the company is office-free. We develop unique technologies in form of a game engine and tools that are tailored specifically after the games that we create. Currently with a crew of five in-house and a network of contractors to utilise during production we can be dynamic and efficient, increasing production at key moments. Visit for more information.

Also make sure to visit our blog,, to follow our work in progress and to participate in the discussions about game development, design, horror and other related topics.

Now i just need some money and then ill preorder asap Big Grin
Is the demo gonna be up before the game is out? Big Grin
Can't wait to just play like 10 min of it to calm me down
(02-19-2010, 04:29 PM)Viter Wrote: [ -> ]Is the demo gonna be up before the game is out? Big Grin
Can't wait to just play like 10 min of it to calm me down
Not sure at this point. The demo will most likely be available close to release, but not sure how close at this point.
Looked video, felt fear! Very much I wait "amnesia". Thomas, Jens and all command "frictional games" I am assured that you have given all the best on the full!
Thomas, Jens and "frictional games" - good fellow:redface:
I live in россии, whether it is necessary to me to do the advanced( order
Yay, he got hands! Big Grin'
I came fourteen different flavors.

At the same time, my balls shrank. I can't believe this thing is selling for only sixteen dollars.
Will this be available for pre order via steam? Wink:
Holy hell, the teaser was awesome Big Grin Can't wait to be scared to death!
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