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Full Version: Subtitles not working
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I'm having trouble on PC, My subtitles won't work, Tried pretty much everything? Can't find anyone else with the same problem.
If editing the option in the menu doesn't work, try opening the file "USERNAME_XXXXXX_user_settings.cfg" found in Documents\My Games\Soma\Main. Use CTRL-F to find "ShowSubtitles" and see if it is set to true or false. If false, then perhaps the game doesn't save the setting. You can try setting it to true yourself, save the file, then start and see if it works.


Thanks mate I'll give it a go
If saving is not working properly I would also advice running the game in admin mode.

In steam, right click->properties->local files -> browse local files. Then right click on Soma.exe and choose run as admin.


Unfortunately it was already set to true and running in Admin mode hasn't changed things either :/ ... Weird because I seem to be the only one with this problem

GOT IT. Just had to Opt out of beta of the game from the code I received, My bad. Thanks for the help!