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Full Version: Terrifying but amazing game
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Thanks for making great games like this, we need more SOMA and Amnesia and less of the cheap jump scare type.

I only just started but already I'm terrified and I haven't even seen a monster! The sound department has done an outstanding job with the effects. I just got the OMNI tool... but even that took me 2 days... (mind you my playing time starts when the kids are asleep)
I don't have the nerves for games like this, when I woke up in the first room I just huddled in the corner by the wet suits, and spent 15 minutes just listening to the background noises, trying to figure out if those were water drops or foot steps in the distance.

On a few occasions it's sounded like a monster is near, or running in my direction and so the nearest dark corner becomes my best friend. This game is going to take me a long, long while to get through heh.
I'm using 5.1 headphones and keeping the lights off at night so... fun times Sad

And I've only just found the omni tool... Undecided

I have tried, "tried" amnesia, but I only made it to the big hall, and as soon as I heard the monster ESC got pressed... I gotta man up and play that one sometime. And I need a full time cardiologist.

I have played and beat Daylight, but I had a paramedic on hand.