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Full Version: [SPOILERS] - Your scariest part of the game
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What was your scariest experience of the game?
Which enemy was your favourite one?
Theta labs (level -1, with Akers)

My favorite enemy is probably the Proxy.
Upsilon. The first area where you set up the Omnitool.

I saw the screen flicker as I saw the construct/maintenance infected monster off and when I went back it disappeared and I could here screaming.

Toilet break.
I have a few

The CURIE - Teleporting Disco-Ball Head ran after me and his footsteps were so loud I turned around and bam...dead

Theta - Level -1 with Akers as well. Then Level -2 with all the proxies before the drainage pipe...

Omicron - Johan Ross teleporting, some of the "people" stuck in machines, and the screaming robot

The Abyss - That ******* Angler Fish fooled me with its bright light that I went straight towards Tongue

Tau - Damn Space Suit Amnesia zombie Tongue

Yeah, this game got me good in a lot of places. I can't relate to anyone who didn't find any of it scary.
Probably the part in Theta right after screwing around with the prototype ARK. Damn Akers and his superhearing.
I would actually argue that the entire "Abyss" setting was pretty scary. I'd liken it similarly to The Prison in Amnesia, which to me was the "scariest" area of that game due to how dark it was with all the monsters.

Kudos to Frictional for making the Abyss area look so alien and inhospitable, with the currents looking like harsh winds, and the pervasive darkness all around you aside from the guiding lights.
[Image: kaWXviK.png]

Anybody know which map Thomas Grip was talking about? I thought it would be easy to spot, since they were making it even scarier. Maybe the abyss?
I bet it was the Abyss. God, I had to just stare at the ground and rush along, trying to ignore everything around me.
DEFINITELY the Abyss. The currents sounded like thunder rolling over me so I actually caught myself looking up to check on that a couple of times. Also the atmosphere down there was just VERY alien, deserted and generally incredibly hostile and strange. You could sense that if there was a place humans were absolutely never meant to visit, it's down at a depth like that. And I ran into that Angler Fish as well. Scared me pretty bad.

I did enjoy the ride down in the climber though. The bioluminescent fish combined with Cath's beautiful story were really soothing. That was also also one of the moments where I was 100 % convinced that Cathrine was just a normal human mind. I actually tried to account for her as a passenger when starting the descent at the panel where you have to enter the number of passengers. Wouldn't move though when I entered '2', I think it would've been a fun little detail if it actually had.
I guess it was the abyss, then.

For me, the abyss was far from the scariest part, mainly because I was too busy thinking: "oh man, this is so cool".
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