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Full Version: LevelEditor always crashes at least for two levels
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Whenever I try to load 02_02_ms_curie_inside.hpm or 02_05_theta_inside.hpm from the LevelEditor.exe, it just crashes midway.

I didn't try all maps to see which work and which don't but I know that at least three others are loading correctly (tau_outside, theta_exit and upsilon_outside).
I think all of us cannot open 02_02_ms_curie_inside.hmp and is probably the same for 02_05_theta_inside.hpm

Chances are, their is a corrupted entity/static object that is crashing the map. Their was a similar instance in AtDD where a map couldn't be opened because a bone pile entity was corrupted and crashing.
Good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem, hopefully it'll get fixed at some point Smile
Also having this problem. Rallying for a fix.
What I did to get 02_05_theta_inside to work was to copy another map's .hpm file, rename it to 02_05_theta_inside.hpm (keep a backup!!!), copy it to the old location of the 02_05_theta_inside.hpm, change the first line's ID of the NEW hpm file to the one of the original 02_05_theta_inside.hpm.

Can't confirm if it works for any other insta-crashing maps, but as far as I could tell, it was related to some texture that it can't find but doesn't load in the game, only in the editor.
Why am i the only person who can open the maps perfectly?
(11-15-2015, 06:44 PM)Filizitas Wrote: [ -> ]Why am i the only person who can open the maps perfectly?

Have the same issues :/

Luna can open it, because she┬┤s a witch, urgh Big Grin
Actually, if the crash is instantly noticeable, I know I can open theta, but don't know about the others.
I've never been able to open theta_inside, but I've never tried opening curie.