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Full Version: Blog: "Future of Adventure Game Interaction"
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A little rant on interaction in adventure games:
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Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 have a good interaction being that the decisions made in the first game highly effect the second game. It rewards the player for playing the first and it gives them the chance to continue there characters story in a way that the second wouldn't allow without the first game.

Another game that has some good interactions (but small) is Bioshock. The little sisters in the game can be saved or harvested. Harvesting them all will affect Dr. Tenhanbums thoughts about you, what the pure little sisters say we you wake up in the nursery, the ending, and your overall power and abilities. Vice Versa.

Fallout 3 has some huge interactions. Example deciding whether to blow up megaton with the nuke or deactivate it. It affects almost every character in the game and the random encounters later on.

If you mean actual interactions with objects and the world then I would say adventure games now adays aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before. Penumbra could be considered an adventure game so the interactions with objects is the only new thing I've seen in awhile.

(Sorry I didn't read the blog so I don't know what type of interactions you mean. I skimmed and saw Maniac Mansion, Heavy Rain, and System Shock 2. So I kinda get what you mean but you may have said other wise what you meant. LOL)

One game with huge interactions with the player and the world is Metal Gear Solid 4. You can do so many moves and hiding techniques. Im still learning after owning the game for over a year and a half. It gives you so many options to tackle the enemies. If you lying down on the ground you can flip over to you back and act dead to hide, you can act dead while lying on your stomach, throw grenades, shoot, do a roll to the left or right, blend into the grounds texture and slowly crawl. What amazes me even more is that they took all the single player moves and put them into a multiplayer game on the same disc. Most players just run and gun in it but if you know how to out smart them from the skills you learn in single player you'll always be able to get them.