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Full Version: Problems with Xbox 360 Wireless controller
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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, the only one I've seen for Tech Support is in the Modding subforum.

Anyhow, I bought this game on Steam with the intent of playing it in Big Picture mode from the couch. I have an Xbox 360 Wireless controller that I use for this. The controller works fine, I've tested it with multiple games on Steam and it works with all of them.

However, SOMA doesn't seem to recognize it. It just doesn't respond to any controller input. I haven't found any option to "force it" to use the controller rather than the keyboard+mouse.

I'm really stumped with this.

Can anybody help?

What OS are you using? Perhaps you can try and unplug the receiver, uninstall the gamepad driver and then plug the receiver in again (and it should trigger a driver install) and see if it fixes it.
I might have to try that.

It's very strange, as mentioned, all other games in Steam work fine, it's like SOMA is not detecting my controller for some bizarre reason or giving the keyboard+mouse priority over everything else.

Is there a way to force the game to use the controller?

Not that I know of. SOMA uses SDL2 and I guess the other games do not and that is why it can work in those but possible something is corrupt/broken making it not work in SOMA.
Thank you, I will try to get an use a different controller and see if that works.

I have an old cabled 360 controller lying around somewhere.
I got this issue too! What you can try is:

- remove [steamid]_user_keys in My Documents/My Games/SOMA/Main
- open the dir of the game and launch Soma_NoSteam.exe

That worked for me at least. See if it helps.