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Full Version: HPL3 Modding Skype Group
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I think this would be a great idea actually. As it could potentially be extremely helpful when you're editing something and have an immediate need or question that needs answering. And sometimes it is much easier to chat back and forth quickly to understand thing than typing it up in one big post.
Can you use text chat during Skype (sorta like Chat Roulette)? I'm not comfortable sharing my voice because I am a bit of a squeaker. Undecided
this is a great idea, plus it'll help in terms of motivation assuming that everyone is all working at the same time.
So the group is about helping each other out with issues or other things concerning HPL3 modding? If yes, this could be useful for me since im trying to create better maps, get better at scripting or anything else.
Although i rarely use skype. Im much more active on steam.
This sounds like a good idea, would it be geared more towards older modders or would it be a thing where anyone can join in and ask questions while they are working on their projects?
I'd imagine the idea is that anyone who has a question or idea and wants some help or feedback in implementing them can ask about it in the chat and then it will eventually get answered.

Of course, everything depends upon when people are available to answer things, since everyone is located in different timezones across the world.
I added you
Sounds good Smile Add me to it when its up and running!
This is so great!!

I tried to add you, but i can't seem to find you.. maybe I'm just dumb Tongue

Anyways, I really want to join this group and I think it's such a good idea..

I'm really new to HPL 3 scripting, but I have done a little Amnesia Scripting, not anything advanced. I never even got to variables, but if it is the same, I might learn faster.. if not, is it possible for beginners to join it? I'll probably be one of those who ask a million questions Shy.
This sounds like a cool idea. I'm game.
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