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Full Version: Illumination not showing up at all
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When using the mod launcher or the Dev Mode on my mod the illumination for the characters doesn't show up.

Spoiler below!
[Image: vzZE3KY.jpg]

Any ideas?
if you haven't downloaded a template map with a template script for the map, start there
I already downloaded the template (made by Romulator). I can't see why this would be associated with the problem with the illumination.
You sure the illumination on the Jiangshi isn't set to 0 brightness or their color's alpha channel is not 0?


When I started my map without using Romulators test script, lights didn't work. But once I had my map and script in the correct folders in the mods folder and such, it worked.
Sorry to bump this thread but this is quite the problem, any ideas?
Can you explain to what you mean the illumination isn't working? I'm not sure what your trying to point to in the picture.
I believe some of the less serious mods that have been published have them with working illumination, try checking them and see if they do anything different, could you fx be using the wrong entity?

putting up a download of your map with the non working illum in it would also be helpful for people trying to help you
There is no illumination (the blue eye spots) in the enemies. Send me a PM if you want the map.
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