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Full Version: I Just Realized!
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That we know nothing about amnesia other than the summary on the website. Shit I hope this game comes soon Big Grin:Tongue:RolleyesShy:eek:Angel:lol:
Wait what?

Of course we do, we should know atleast some info on the website.
Look at it it says more stuff other then its name. Wtf are you on about?

No offence Sad
We have found out a bit about it from the blog and interviews, plus there are at least two videos from the game.
Not very much about the actual game. We know more about the tools than Amnesia itself. ;-)
we know he has AMNESIA most likely and hes in a house. thats it. nackidno is right we know more about the tools than the game lol. also both videos we have of the game show nothing of the story. the first (gettin cozy) is just a joke video because he says "I hope they dont rewrite my part for the final game" lol. also mw2 has a great single player but that isnt enought to keep it going
MW2's single player is the most boring thing I've played since BioShock.

I believe he's in a castle, considering the first teaser video. I wonder if there would be any outdoor environments. I think it would be great.
dude bioshock had a great story wtf are you smoking
Its gameplay was easy, repetitive, and boring. The story was full of shit, its major selling point being telling some philosophy that everyone already understands anyway.
well we all have different opinions. bioshock to me had a good story but got boring. mw2 is fun for about 2 matches but gets boring. nazi zombies is more fun than mw2.
Bioshock had a pretty good storyline but sold mostly because of it's unique style. Never before has there been an art-deco game like it. Gameplay was pretty nice as well with different kinds of ammo, plasmids and tonics. A nice prototype for future RPG-FPS games, although Bioshock wasn't really one.
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