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Full Version: The Strigoi
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"Heed this warning, stranger: I have seen that which hunts you..."


So, I'm mostly making this thread to dedicate myself to actually completing this project. I've reached a point where finishing seems like a realistic outcome. This will be my first work for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though I hope it's enjoyable for those who end up playing it. I don't have any screenshots just yet, but hope to add a few soon. I'm also not entirely sure how long this story will be, though I'll have a better sense of pacing once I get a few people to playtest it. I'd say I'm about 60% completed thus far, but I might also be shortchanging my progress. Thanks so much for reading, and keep an eye on this thread for further updates.
I've seen some of the stuff you've made, it's pretty neat!

Now finish this CS
Looking forward to updates! Smile
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Just a very simple teaser. Cheers.
Bumping. Returned to work on this after the holidays. No spoilers, yet. To be honest, would like to wait until playtesting to do too many teasers.
Lovin the lightning, Bones
This is still happening. I've been fighting off my self-loathing and all of that jazz to get 'er done. One more area, some scripting, and some writing and she's done. I have no idea how long that'll take, but hopefully it'll yield an enjoyable (and / or horrifying) experience.

(01-14-2016, 07:02 AM)Kurton Wrote: [ -> ]Lovin the lightning, Bones

Thank you so much, Kurton!