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Full Version: [ANNOUNCEMENT] HPL3 Video Tutorials
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Hi all!

So, we took a bit of time to put together some video tutorials to help you through the absolute basics of creating your own maps, scripts and mods for SOMA. Hopefully this will be useful to some of you guys out there.

We go over setting up Codelite, Scripting basics, creating a simple map from scratch aswell as implementing a few basic working props and finally how to set up a directory structure for a working mod using information provided on our wiki.

Frictional Wiki - HPL3 Video Tutorials

Enjoy and any questions or other material you think might be good to see then let me know. Questions welcome! Time permitting, it could be fun to do a few more of these on specific subjects in the future.

Wow! This is great. I've been waiting for tutorial vids to begin flowing before jumping in.

Sure, I could jump in myself and start playing around and learning on my own, but it's nice when you've got some kind of baseline to begin with to help guide you through some of the common functionalities so you're not spending time running around trying to figure out even the simplest commands.

Thank you!
Just found some time to watch through all of them and they sure are well made. Clear, simple, informative. Even beginners should be able to follow along.

Personally I'll be starting to do video tutorials myself, but seeing these I don't feel the need to do these topics. I think I'll just link to these instead, since I see nothing to add. Again, really well made!
Good work, guys! Really apprechiated them!

One thing i´d like to see is a video tutorial of how to create a model in Blender and export it to the Soma editors.

Greets! Smile