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Full Version: 2015-11 Thursday 5th, SOMA Original Soundtrack
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Mikko Tarmia’s SOMA OST is now available for download and streaming through iTunes, Spotify and other online services. 24 tracks of music from SOMA, tweaked and modified to create the best possible soundtrack release.

What are the "other online services" you mention, and why not Steam? I don't understand why you don't sell the soundtracks of your games on Steam as DLC.

Please, at least add it to Bandcamp or Steam. I'm not spending a cent on iTunes or Spotify, sorry Sad
As for "other online services"... it's out on Amazon, too:
Nice, but from 24 tracks I just heard 2 in the game: the menu music and the credits music.
Steam would be nice.
Bandcamp please! Smile
Great! Another one for my collection!
Hey, it's up on Bandcamp now! Go for it:
Steam would be nice.
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