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Full Version: Level Editor crashes when Saving
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Hey everyone,
I am having this issue a LOT and it really slows down my work flow...

Basically, there are two conditions when the editor crashes when I try to save a custom level of mine.

- Either, it crashes if I do any changes to terrain and then try saving. May it be adding undergrowth, changing height or whatever.

- It also crashes when I edit the level, save, do more changes and then save again! Always the second save, no matter what I change (even just moving one entity around).

I put the whole LevelEditor.log on pastebin here if anyone needs it. Can't say for sure if it includes relevant infos.

I also have to state that, for this level, I copied the .hpm file of another map and renamed it (changed the ID in the first line too) to copy over map properties.
This crashing issue did only start happening as the map grew in size, though. Before that, I was having no issues with crashing. I can't say for sure what the cause is, but those two crash conditions listed above are consistent.

If anyone needs the map files to test for themselves, please let me know!

Thanks for any help,
Hi! Could you send the map? I'll try to reproduce the crash.
(11-19-2015, 09:29 AM)Luis Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! Could you send the map? I'll try to reproduce the crash.

Here you go!
Thank you for helping out; hope there's a way to fix it without having to redo anything (if it isn't an issue with the software or my install, of course. I did validate game cache files just to be sure, didn't change anything)...!

UPDATE: I managed to fix it! Turns out the Terrain was corrupt in some way, as trying to save the map in another place just crashed as well, creating only the DDS files of the terrain heightmaps.
What I did to fix it was the remove the different sections inside of the terrain data file (which were created by copying the terrain data from that of omicron) and set them all to just be for my user. Now it doesn't seem to crash at all when saving! Big Grin