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Full Version: no more reputation?
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just noticed today that rep was disabled anyone know why just a small question i had
No idea. I noticed that earlier few days ago. Maybe mods thought the rep points are not important anymore.... i don't know. Good question.
the reputation got activated by mistake during an upgrade, originally it was not active, so during another update I simply deactivated it again as I don't think it adds anything to the forum that is worth the extra processing cost.
You also accidentaly deactivated the Edit function... or maybe not! I´m able to edit this post, but not my posts in the Announcement forum? Huh
Awwww, I liked my -30 points.
i was thinking of doing something as a joke to you windex heres what i was thinking "please +REP me so i can get the power to destroy the evil windexglow once and for all" lol