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Full Version: [Amnesia D.D] about graphic cards
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Hi all,

I'd like to know which AGP graphic card Amnesia will support.
I have an ATI Radeon 8500 AGP 4x but I may buy a ATI Radeon X1650 AGP 8x...
What about that ?
I am very unsure if ATI Radeon 8500 will work as it usually has very strange drivers. I think it has all needed support though, but I would not bet on it working.

ATI Radeon X1650 should work fine!
Thanks for the answer.
I wait the game to be available.
Is the game is playable with 3D glasses (anaglyph mode red-blue at least) ?
Man, this anaglyph idea is becoming popular.

Sorry I don't really understand what you mean.
Are you working on it ?
I ask the question cause the Open Arena FPS game got some anaglyph options : red-cyan, red-blue, red-green, etc... I've already tried it and the result is very fine.
Monsters, zombies which can go out of the screen could be great.
I'd like to return to what I've said on the last posts : I don't know if red-green glasses still exist but yesterday I've bought some magenta-green glasses.
Red-Cyan is the standard. Magenta-Green is used for some DVD.
What about the project to include 3D anaglyph in Amnesia ?